Mystery Tours for Tues 4th & Thurs 6th July

Hi All!

For those that need to know, both of the mystery tours this week are going ahead. As will become a regular weekly feature on the site, we will reveal the theme of the tours on the morning of, so that you can decide if you want to come! But note that all of our tours are fun and interesting, and very varied in nature.

We always meet outside the Archaeological Crypt in front of the Notre-Dame from 15 minutes before the allotted mystery tour, which commence every Tuesday afternoon at 2pm, and every Thursday evening at 7pm (so come from 1:45pm Tues and 6:45pm Thurs to start on the hour).

All of our mystery tours are donation based, so please make a donation to the guide at the end!

The theme of the Tuesday 4th, 2pm tour is: Roman Ruins Exploration.

The theme of Thursday 6th, 7pm tour is: Marais Adventure.

Best wishes,

Your Mystery Tour guide, Maddie


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