Legends of the Latin Quarter Tour

Come and discover why Paris’s famous Latin Quarter is the intellectual and creative epicentre of the world on this eclectic and engaging guided walk.

Things you need to know:

  • This tour is available by prior appointment, subject to availability – just ask!
  • Tickets cost €25 per person, with concessions for students & groups. Free for children under 10.
  • It starts on the Petit Pont bridge and finishes at the Eglise Saint-Etienne du Mont, behind the Pantheon.

About This Tour:

You will enjoy a relaxed yet intellectually stimulating stroll around the vibrant 5eme and 6eme of Paris, and discover why Paris is renowned for producing some of the greatest thinkers and creatively inclined minds in the world! Covering famous landmarks such as the Pantheon, Sorbonne and the Jardin du Luxembourg, and incredible sites such as Roman ruins, Hemingway’s first apartment, and the Caveau de la Huchette, plus many more! You will learn about the history and culture of this fascinating area, from its Parisii tribe origins, to the Roman invasion and beyond, to the contemporary moment!

This tour is aimed at everyone who wants to explore the intellectual and creative roots of the city, and literature, movie and history buffs, as it incorporates many aspects of these fields! The walk is also great for student newcomers and prospective students to the city, who want to get a feel for the area they will call home, and for those who simply love to explore! Contact me now via the Contact page, or on +33 651 072 176 / parislens@outlook.com to book this inspiring and entertaining guided walk.

*Featured image shows the Eglise Saint-Etienne du Mont, which appears on the walk. Image and words cannot be used without permission!*


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