Our Weekly Mystery Walks

Twice a week, we run donation-based mystery walks around the central Paris area! These are open to the general public, including groups and families.

When: Every Tuesday afternoon at 2pm, and every Thursday evening at 7pm, in on- AND off-peak seasons. (Check the blog section of the website, as upon exceptional circumstances including really bad weather or public holidays etc., tours may be cancelled, but this is an exceedingly rare occurrence.)

Where: Outside the Archaeological Crypt, which is directly opposite the front of the Notre-Dame Cathedral as you enter the main parvis.

What: It’s a mystery tour, so it could be on anything from literature to history, or crime to a general sight-seeing exploration! But it will always operate around the immediate area of the islands, right and/or left banks, and within walking distance. If you reeeally need to know, you can check the blog section on the day of the tour!

How Long?: The mystery tours tend to last between 1.5 – 2 hours maximum.

How Much?: It is donation based, so you can pay the guide whatever you like, but the average donation tends to be around €10 per person.

Any More Questions?: Just get in touch to ask! Contact me via the Contact page, or on +33 651 072 176 / parislens@outlook.com.

*Featured image shows your tour guide and Paris Lens Tours creator Maddie, giving a tour in the Marais area! Photo taken by Chirag Joshi. Image and words cannot be used without permission!*


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