Finding A Certified Translator in Paris

Or, Help Cutting Through The Reddest of Red Tape

Moving to Paris? We all know about the no-man’s-land of red tape, so rather than scare and overwhelm you, I’m here to help you cut through some of it instead! This post concerns your birth certificate and its translation.

Things you definitely need if you are staying long term and intend to work / set up your own business:

  • a long version of your birth certificate (ring your local council and request this before you leave, as you usually have to pick it up in person and pay a small fee for it. Order at least 2. If you’re already in Paris, make that call to your local council, and get a relative or friend to collect and post it to you.)
  • a translation of this birth certificate into French (there are no ways around this! It must be done. The French legal departments need the certified long copy from your local council, AND the translated version, completed and stamped by a lawyer.)

After navigating many dead-end searches, online scams and dodgy ‘scan us a copy and we will send it back to you! (NO – you need the hard copy or it will be rejected and you will be unnecessarily additionally stressed) I found somewhere that you can walk into, drop off the certificate, and even arrange to pick it up the very next day! Legally done, wham bam thank you lawyer man/woman. I used them myself last week to get my birth certificate translated; you walk into the building ad the main door is always open, just push it, and press the buzzer in the lobby for Cabinet Fields. They let you in, you walk up to the 5th floor, ring the doorbell, they answer, log your request, take your payment, translate the document and attach translated copy, email you receipts and a copy to proofread should you require this, and then let you go back to collect it at your convenience. You don’t need to pre-book to go in as they have a drop-off service, and sort you out right away. Fantastic, reliable and very reassuring service! It costs about 50€ for a standard service, which I believe takes a few days to a week, or just under 80€ for a next day translation, which I requested. For my urgent need and peace of mind, it was bloody well worth it!! I went in the next morning to collect it, and was very happy with the translation. It had an official stamp, as did my original copy.


Cabinet Fields Juris Traducteur – 21, rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 11eme, Paris (between Avenue de la Republique and Boulevard Voltaire).

Telephone them on: or

This is their website:

Hope this helps someone in need!

Best wishes,


*Featured image is of a Boulevard Voltaire, just down from the Cabinet Fields office, heading towards Place de la Bastille, and cannot be used without permission!*



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