Cinéma Studio 28

What: Cinéma Studio 28, cinema house screening French films, and ‘Lost in Frenchlation’ French films with English subtitles.

Where: 10 rue Tholoze, 18eme

When: Friday evenings at 9pm for the ‘Lost in Frenchlation’ evenings, and Wed-Mon between 3pm and 9pm for standard screenings.

How much: 9€ for a ticket, unless otherwise stated. Bring an extra 6€for popcorn and a cocktail on Frenchlation Friday nights.


Ahh, my second home, beloved Cinéma Studio 28. Nestled along a winding, slightly sloping rue in Paris’s vibrant colourful Montmartre neighbourhood, the cinema is one of the places that you just have to visit during your stay in Paris. Not only does it screen some great French films throughout the week, but it also hosts the renowned ‘Lost in Frenchlation’ evenings, with films subtitled for English-speaking audiences every friday evening at 9pm. Popular but not overcrowded, if you come from 8pm you can buy a cocktail for 5€, (or 6€ if you want popcorn too), and mingle with other movie-buffs. Small and cozy, chic and hip, the hosts are welcoming and friendly, and clearly very proud of their little establishment, and for good reason!

Opening in 1928, the independent cinema house is one of the oldest in Paris, and is famous for having hosted the premiere of Louis Buñel and Salvador Dali’s L’Age d’Or in 1930, at which protests outside the theatre called to “Kill the Jews!” (both Buñel and Dali were in fact Catholic anyway) and the film was subsequently banned until 1979. In 1950, the cinema was sponsored and supported by writer/director heavyweight Jean Cocteau, and esteemed actor/director Abel Gance, who brought the premises considerable success and acclaim. More recently in 2000, a scene from the hit Jean-Pierre Jeunet movie Amelie was filmed inside the screening hall, and the premiere of the film was also hosted here, with the director inviting all of the locals who had supported him during the making of the film to the special event. As you can see, Studio 28 has a rich and poignant film history all of its own.


Aside from the movie screenings, Studio 28 also houses a beautiful little tea-room/café-bar, with an outdoor terrace area. You can sample the quiches and pies made onsite each day, and enjoy a chilled glass of something soft or alcoholic on the patio underneath the watchful eyes of the French cinema greats who adorn the wall. a veritable treasure trove for film geeks like myself, you can see a great yet modest selection of memorabilia and movie posters adorning the walls.

Lost in Frenchlation screenings on Friday evenings start at 9pm sharp, are briefly introduced by a member of staff, and always start with a delightfully refreshing cocktail beforehand from 8, with the opportunity to discuss in the bar area afterwards. All are warmly welcomed to these screenings, and sty alert for special events and premieres – this weeks is a preview screening of Cedric Klapisch’s Ce Qui Nous Lie! Be there or be a square, et regarder avec plaisir!

You can follow their facebook page here, and their official website (English version) right here.

*featured and article images are from inside Studio 28, and cannot be used without permission!*


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