Registering With a Doctor in Paris

Or, Help! I Need A Doctor, Not Just Any Doctor…

**This article is part of a series primarily aimed at those who are in the process of moving to Paris, or are recently moved and trying to cover all bases for things like work, health and social security! If you are a short-term British traveller and you need a doctor, simply punch ‘hospitals in Paris’ into google maps and have about 20 to choose from.**

As part of completing social security and tax payments and business setups, or just in general, if you are moving to Paris from the UK or US long-term you will likely need to register with a doctor. The general requirement is that you need to find one that speaks your native language fluently, or are themselves expat practitioners. Given the specifics of medical complaints, this is hardly surprising. Believe me when I say that trying to find a suitable, willing and able English-speaking doctor in Paris often-times feels like searching for the holy grail. Part of the reason for this is that doctors in the Paris are massively overwhelmed with patients, and don’t always agree to register you. I explained to mine that I simply needed a doctor to advance the red-tape, and wasn’t currently seeking treatment, so they agreed to take me on.

Where can I find a doctor?

After much hunting and failed googling to find one that I could register with, and almost tearing my hair out with frustration in the process, here are a list of 3 English-speaking doctors inside the Paris compiled for your viewing pleasure (correct at the time of writing)! You simply ring one and ask them if they can register you:

  • Dr Nancy Salzman – 1, ave Lowendal, 7eme. Tel: 0145631843
  • Dr Francis Slattery – 10, ave Eylau, 16eme. Tel: 0147420234
  • Dr Stephen Wilson – 54, rue des Archives, 4eme. Tel: 0148872110

What do I do when I’ve found a doctor?

When found, you have to ask them if you can register with them and they say yay or nay, and if they agree you make an appointment with them via, and when you attend this 2 minute appointment they fill out a form called a ‘Déclaration de Choix de Médecin Traitant’, which they will often have copies of and which you then take away and send off to the relevant Cerfa department office (you can find yours online by searching the CPAM site in relation to wherever you live in the city or Paris region, or call them on the CPAM French Health Insurance Advice Line, tel: +33 811 363 46). It’s actually very simple, and although I took everything from my birth certificate and previous doctor details to my passport, I didn’t need those things. I also took cash to pay the doctor, which is standard here, but they did not charge me for the appointment with it being a registration, so I skipped off happy as Larry with the required paperwork in the bag. Boom!

Now I’m waiting for my carte vitale to come through, and as I am registered to pay taxes, if I need an appointment and treatment I simply will take this card to my appointment and the pharmacy, along with cash (be aware that many Paris doctors do not take card payments, so go to a cash point first!). The card basically reimburses the majority of the payments for both, though as I have not yet needed to return for medical assistance, I don’t know how long this takes but I have been assured by a French friend that it is a swift and efficient procedure.

Hope this helps! Any other hints or suggestions about this, please feel free leave them in the comments below. 🙂

Best wishes and happy health,


**featured image is of the Arc de Carousel in front of the Louvre and cannot be used without permission!**


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