Moulins & Muses: A Montmartre History Walk

Explore the history of Paris’ colourful 20th district in this fun and fact-filled walk around Montmartre. Take in the stories of Saint Denis, country lanes and vineyards, and the invasion of artists against the beautiful backdrop of windmills, the Sacré-Coeur, the Place du Tertre, and the neighbourhoods most beautiful winding and vibrant streets!

Things you need to know:

  •  This tour is available by prior appointment, subject to availability – just ask!
  • Tickets cost €25 per person, with concessions for students & groups. Free for children under 10.
  • It starts at the Place des Abbesses, and ends at Place Blanche.

About This Tour:

This tour charts the history of Montmartre, from the Gallo-Roman era right through to the modern day. Incorporating aspects of the butte’s greatest stories, you will learn about Saint-Denis, the various religious orders that were founded on the hill, its part in the French Revolution and Commune uprising, and of the controversial building of the Sacré-Coeur! Also taking in the sites of old vine yards, windmills and country lanes, you will discover the rapid expansion of life in the 19th century into the Belle Époque, and find out about the various artists and muses who made use of the unique and vibrant atmosphere, making Montmartre their home. You will also find out why the area is associated with cabaret, burlesque and the macabre Grand Guignol on this incredible tour! Key sites visited include the Basilica, the Place du Tertre, various famous cabaret halls, and the vigne du Montmartre, amongst many more.

Suitable for anyone with an interest in finding out more about Montmartre and the influences that made it the unique neighbourhood it is today, this tour is perfect for tourists, students, families, and anyone wishing to discover the deeper meaning and spirit of the neighbourhood! Suited to history buffs, and those interested in various niche aspects of the city’s past, from religion and revolution to dance, art music and film, this eclectic and specially researched tour has it all. Contact me now on, or text/call 0(+33) 651 07 21 76 to book Moulins & Muses. I can’t wait to show you around!

*featured image is of the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur, illuminated at sundown. (property of site owner, not to be used without permission)*


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