Food & Drink in Paris

Let’s be honest; the most pressing question of any situation is always, “What are we going to eat?” followed by, “Where can we get some good food?!” In a city with quite literally thousands of choices for food and drink, this section intends to help you navigate your way to reliable places to refuel.

Below you can find reviews of a wide range of both top-notch restaurants and coffee houses to more humble (yet still splendid) places to find food and drink, no matter if your budget is big or small. Because the sheer range of places to eat at in Paris can sometimes be quite overwhelming, I have broken down and arranged places to eat and drink into more easily  navigable sections. Click on the links to see what’s good! Come back often to see my lastest food and drink reviews, as I update regularly. The follow button makes it easy!>>>

Handy Hints for Eating Out

Restaurants – France reigns supreme when it comes to fancy food, no arguments to be had there! Many of the world’s greatest and most adventurous chefs have hailed from the country, and Paris itself is no exception to this tradition. Eating out in Paris, for anyone, and of course especially those foodie types, can be a simply delectable, amazing adventure. It may come as no surprise to you that, as seriously as the French take their food, UNESCO added French gastronomy to its list of ‘intangible cultural heritages’ in 2010, meaning that it comes very highly regarded indeed, and is inseparable from French history, culture, and national identity. From the haute-iest to the slightly more affordable variety across various cultural menus, bon appetite indeed!

Chez Gladines Restaurant – A review of local favourite restaurant Chez Gladines in the 13eme, a must visit during your trip!

Eateries – An eatery can be defined as anything from more modest brasseries and cafes, to other eating houses and fixed establishments, covering a range of prices, but mainly towards the more modest end of one’s budget. Here are some of my favourites.

Maoz Vegetarian – A review of the popular veggie falafel eatery in the 5eme!

Street Food – Paris boasts an amazing and wide-ranging selection of street food, with establishments to be found all across the city! ‘Street Food’ is generally classed as food available in a public place, such as from a vendor on a street. Typically, street food is tasty, ready-to-eat food or drink sold on the street, in a market, fair, park or other public place, sold by a hawker or vendor from a portable stall, cart or food truck.

Coffee Houses – Be it top coffee shops, quiet ones with free wifi for working in, or just one for sampling places where Parisian students and locals are more likely to tread, I love to mingle in public places whilst carrying out my research and writing up my reviews. Whether it’s a smoothie-style drink you’re looking for in an eco-minded establishment, the finest artisan coffee in the hippest most up-and-coming establishments, or simply a comfy chair and a cuppa to unwind in as you watch the world go by, Paris has it.

Bars & Pubs – Maybe a craft ale, smooth wine, or chic cosmopolitan is your jam. No matter your poison, if you’re looking for a little alcoholic beverage or three to relax or start a night out with, you can always find somewhere to hang your hat and put your feet up in the city that just keeps on going. My faves right here.


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