Why Book a Tour With Paris Lens Tours?

You might be wondering what Paris Lens Tours has to offer that other tour guiding companies don’t! It comes down to our amazing range, our research, and our passion. We offer a range of exciting and unusual guided walking tours that allow you to explore the City of Light in all its varied shades of glory!

Company owner Maddie has extensive research, lecturing and tour guiding experience on a wide range of topics, and even has a research PhD in historical, cultural and social studies! Maddie takes great pleasure in researching and designing our unique tours, so you can be guaranteed the perfect blend of information and entertainment, delivered in a very approachable and easy-going manner by your knowledgeable guide.

Because our tours are always guided walking tours, we bring you up close and personal with Paris and its ethereal qualities, making the city known to you, and making you feel a part of Paris’s past, present and future! Whatever your interests, Paris Lens Tours fantastic and extensive range of tours means you are spoilt for choice, and can indulge in your passions on the vibrant city streets. We can guarantee you the best selection of high-quality walking tours, available to book with flexibility around your holiday, and at great affordable prices with group and family discounts!

Maddie moved to Paris to follow her dream of becoming a self-employed tour guide in a city that inspires her in new ways every single day, where fascinating discoveries can always be made! She is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge with others, and enjoys it so much that she is always researching and developing more tours around Paris. Click here to find out more about Maddie.

You can book a Paris Lens Walking Tour between 8am – 10pm 7 days a week, all year round! Just hit the ‘Our Tours’ tab above to choose yours, and book today! We can’t wait to share the secrets of the City of Light and Love with you.


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