ParisLens Movie Tours – January 2017 Launch!

Hi All, and best wishes for the holiday season!

It’s been a bit quiet here at ParisLens over the Christmas period, but rest assured we are currently working around the clock to bring to you our first ParisLens Movie Tour, which will be going live for bookings in Jan 2017!!

Details are coming soon alongside the January launch – but we can tell you that ParisLens Movie Tour #1 is located in Montmartre and takes in several popular films (including some lesser known ones) and most of the famous sites and landmarks in the 18eme! We are very excited here to reveal more details, so stay tuned! Publicity details will also be made available, and you will be able to book and pay for your tours directly through the site!

That’s all for now, and we hope that 2016 has been kind to you, but that 2017 will be even better. Thank you for supporting with visits and clicks! We hope you will return and include any comments or suggestions in the comments section below.


Very best, your ParisLens Santa Baby Maddie xx


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