Recent Updates to the Site

Today ParisLens is proud to bring you updates to several pages on the site, in preparation for our grand launch in January 2017. We have updated: the homepage for ‘Shops & Services’, including sub-pages for ‘Departmental Stores & Shopping Centres’ and ‘Boutiques & Haute Couture’; the homepage for ‘Nightlife & Events’, and subsequent sub-pages for ‘Cabarets & Clubs’, ‘Festivals’, ‘Conventions & Fairs’ and ‘Seasonal & Special Events’; and further sub-pages ‘Railway Stations’ and ‘Tourism Offices’ under the ‘Useful Info’ tab.

Next today we are going to go and explore the Marais area of Paris, and later you can expect our upcoming reviews of the Dali museum, the Ayés monument in Montmarte, a brilliant little Chinese/Thai/Japanese restaurant in the 5eme, and our new favourite coffee shop to work at, Nuage (also in the 5eme).

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you visit again soon to see what other updates and reviews we have for you!

Best, your main writer Maddie


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