Maoz Vegetarian

What: Maoz Vegetarian, part of a worldwide chain of quality Veggie Falafel food

Where: 8, rue Xavier, Saint-Michel, 5eme

When: 11am – 11pm

Review: Located in the heart of the Latin Quarter on the Left Bank of Paris, Maoz Vegetarian offers a small eatery with a handful of tables and chairs, or is perfect if you want to grab something to eat on the go (When it’s not raining, or luchtime when Maoz becomes very busy inside, ParisLens loves to take the pita just over the road to eat along the banks of the Seine).

Freshly and quickly prepared as you wait, and offering various sizes / asides / and a self-serve salad bar that you can stack your falafel pita or bowl with, Maoz Vegetarian is very cheaply priced, quality food and is fantastic value for money (a small 3-piece falafel pita is priced at just €4.80, with larger sizes and the inclusion of hummus also available). You can help yourself to the fresh and colourful range of delightful salad dishes along the front bar, and can order sides such as fries, or salad and rice bowls and they also serve a decent selection of drinks.

Although the stall is very small, the ordering and serving bar is located right at the front of the establishment, so even at lunch when it becomes incredibly busy – a testament to its quality, we feel – one can still access the fine food on offer. Diners generally eat quickly, however, and locals will always endeavour to squish up and offer whatever space they can; there’s something very quaint and French about eating in this manner, and without a doubt you will feel a bit Parisian! The server speaks at least basic English and is very friendly, so if you are a tourist or newcomer with a limited linguistic ability, this place comes highly recommended. The chain is American in origin and has stalls world-wide. This particular eatery in Saint-Michel has been there for at least several years now, and continues to offer high-quality street food and snacks. Providing a refreshing meal at any time of the year, you’d be a fool not to try it! You can find a link to the website just below. Bon appetit!



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